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Wax pot 3 for £6 using code
  • Wax pot 3 for £6 using code


    With 30 scents to choose from our Wax pots are the perfect starting point if you have never used our products before. Simply use desired amount of your wax pot (we recommend 1/4 to 1/2 pot per wax melter) We do not recommend wax pot to be placed directly into wax melt dish.


    Like all our candles, Fuji candles wax melt are made with Natural Soy wax and Cruelty free Fragrance oils, Our wax melts are completely Vegan.

    Use promo code Waxmelt3 for offer.

    • Fragrance Inspiration

      Aroma Bomb - Flower Bomb. 

      Alien - T. Mulger

      Angelic - T. Mulger. 

      Adorable - Dior. 

      Black Pomegranate - J. Malone. 

      Black Opium - YSL.

      Claudia - Coco. M

      Daisy - M. Jacobs.

      Decedence - M. Jacobs.

      English Pear & Freesia - J. Malone. 

      Eventus - Creed. 

      Guilty - Gucci.

      Honey Suckle & Jasmin - J. Malone. 

      Invincible - P. Rabanne. 

      Le Vie Est Belle - Lancome. 

      Lotus Blossom & Waterlily - J. Malone. 

      Lime Basil & Mandarin - J. Malone. 

      Lady - Lady Million. 

      Orchid Noir - T. Ford. 

      Olympea - P. Robanne. 

      Pure Cotton. 

      Pink Pepper & Green Mandarin - R. Cavarli. 

      Take a chance - Chance.

      Summer Bouquet - Zoflora. 

      Sauvage - Dior. 


      Our scents are similar in style and notes to popular designer types, We are a independent company and are not associated with any other brand.  

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